April 26th at 7PM

Doors Open at 6:30


WHY Biblically and Historically Christians should stand with Israel And WHAT you can do to defend Israel

Like never before, America’s support for Israel depends upon the informed and dedicated activism of Christians United for Israel’s (CUFI) 5 million members.

We must always deepen our knowledge of the Israel’s history and be up-to-date on the current events that are transpiring in the region. Our faith, our knowledge and our dedication are what enable us to defend Israel in our communities, in our churches, on campus, online, and in Washington, D.C.

Learn how standing with Israel can ‘add action to your faith.’


Pastor Victor Styrsky

CUFI’s National Outreach Director & Eastern Regional Coordinator

CUFI’s National Outreach Director, Eastern Regional Coordinator and a nationally sought after speaker will share biblical and historical reasons to stand with Israel and the Jewish people, update you on the current situation in the Middle East and discuss how can you stand with Israel. God always uses people to fulfill His promises and you can be one of them!